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Testimonials From Actual Customers

I had to give up prescription sleeping pills because of horrible headaches that left me feeling almost wasted in the morning. After trying LipoRid PM™, I slept better than I ever did on the sleeping pills and experienced no headaches at all. Now I feel great everyday and problems with fatigue and depression are distant memories. It's such a relief to be able to use something you never have worry about!

V. Wood
Meadow, TX

I had no idea sleep could be related to my not being able to lose weight and that the two were actually tied together. I started using LipoRid PM™ and found I could not only sleep soundly through the night without waking up, after a few weeks I could see that the weight was starting to come off. I feel better than I have in a long time.

N. Granoff
Wausau, WI

I always thought I was tired because I was stressed out all the time with the job, kids and husband. I had no idea that sleep deprivation could actually be the problem. I thought for sure 5-6 hours of sleep was really enough to be healthy? Plus, my body for some strange reason wouldn't let me get more than that, so I tried LipoRid PM™ and found that I could sleep a full 8-9 hours with no problem and wake up with more energy than I ever knew was possible. It's true what they say — now that I get better sleep, I function a whole lot better and get through the day without even a drop of coffee. No more 7 or 8 cups for me. My weight and my diabetes are under control and the nagging health problems are no more. After just four months my whole live has changed for the better.

L. Baker
Brooklyn, NY

I have always gotten around 5 hours of sleep because of my crazy schedule. But after suffering two heart attacks and learning how harmful that can be, I tried sleeping more hours every night. With the help of LipoRid PM™, I've added nearly 4 more hours of continuous, natural sleep each night. Aside from having my health back in order, it turns out I was actually able to accomplish more during the day after 9 hours of sleep that I was killing myself to do on just 5 hours of sleep for the past 18 years. I've become much more focused and productive than I ever was. Most importantly, I just feel a heck of a lot better. I was not allowed to take prescription sleep aid drugs, so I know I couldn't have done it without LipoRid PM™.

D. Halpren
Stanton, CA

After years of issues with obesity and depression and insomnia, I heard the news that not getting enough sleep can make you fat and depressed and thought that was worth looking into because I was always burning the midnight oil from when I was a little kid. But of course I had to find out for myself if it was really true. Even after I read the information and the news about sleep disorders, I was still not sure. Then I went on the LipoRid PM™ website and came away not only convinced, but bought 9 bottles of the pills. I'm a full 70 pounds lighter and when I sleep, I sleep like a baby all night long. Today I look and feel like a brand new man. Everyone wants to know what it was I did. I tell them, try LipoRid PM™, it worked for me like a charm.

R. Bennett
Mullica Hill, NJ