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How it Works

With LipoRid PM™ sleeping pills, you will fall asleep better — and faster. Enjoy sound, uninterrupted slumbers. Allow your body to repair and prepare for the coming day and wake up feeling renewed and reinvigorated - simply by taking two caplets at bedtime. This will enhance your daily motor skills, increase your energy, alertness, performance, creativity and productivity, help you lose weight and improve your general health.

"Good adequate sleep has been shown to be a key factor in our ability to boost imunity and prevent illnesses. Deep sleep, taken within a short period after infection, helped animal research subjects fight off illness and recover fast. Subjects with similar infections that did not get adequate sleep developed more serious illnesses and did not recover…"

Dr. James Krueger, Professor of Neurobiology
Washington State University

It's a sleep aid that can literally change your life…OVERNIGHT

Many customers have told us that they gained immediate relief from the symptoms of irritability, low energy, dark circles around the eyes, depression and the inability to concentrate when using LipoRid PM™. And, study after study shows long-term benefits of sleep can improve memory and learning skills, lessen the tendency to gain weight, reduce mistakes and errors in judgment, lower stress, increase immune function, improve social life, enhance appearance, support cardiovascular health and lower the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes and other serious illnesses.

Even if you're one of those lucky people who don't yet suffer these serious ailments from not getting enough quality sleep, you'll be pleasantly surprised by LipoRid PM™, because it is such a comforting, empowering and health-enhancing sleep aid.

Although you may not be fully aware of it at first, all the time you are using LipoRid PM™, your body is repairing itself, new cells are replacing aging or dead cells and your mental and physical health begins to flourish. So your mind becomes razor sharp, your body and immune system get stronger by the day, and a healthier more resilient you begins to take hold. You will gradually start to notice that your general well-being has improved and that you're making greater strides and enjoying much better health than before. You can check out all the extra benefits here.

Fast-Acting, Easy to Use

In addition to the exceptional sleep and health-enhancing benefits it provides, LipoRid PM™ is fast-acting, effective and easy to use. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients available, it consists of a safe, yet all-powerful, patent-pending herbal profile for maximum efficacy and efficiency. Plus, it contains a unique blend of natural cutting-edge ingredients that govern sleep for optimal rest and nightly renewal. Engineered in an FDA approved facility using new state-of-the-art scientific methods, LipoRid PM™ works as good as it feels. And each bottle is individually inspected prior to shipping to ensure all standards of quality and expectation are met or exceeded.